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We would like to help you plan your trip for your VW Bus camping holiday, because everyone knows the great pictures from the internet where the camping buses are standing directly by the lake or, best of all, lonely on the top of a mountain.

But as an inexperienced camper, reality can quickly catch up with you, as you are often unsettled by prohibition signs and sometimes also by overzealous fellow human beings, for whom campervans are a thorn in the flesh per se. And then you're standing there with your campervan and don't know how to behave.

For those who have not yet tried wild camping, in our 10-year history, no one has ever had to pay a fine. It is important that you keep your campsite tidy and respectful of the environment. Be understanding of the needs of local residents and seek diplomatic solutions when necessary. For that little extra thrill, the absolute feeling of being free with your camper awaits you.

If you want to try out wild camping, we advise you to simply use the satellite view of Google Maps. Simply zoom in on your lake and you will often discover a small bathing beach and the associated dirt road.
Important: Take your time for the search, because if you start looking just before dinner, you will notice that your mood in the camper can suddenly drop rapidly. Remember: An empty stomach doesn't like to search!

For all those who want to be on the safe side, we have compiled a list of useful pitch portals, pitch apps and travel guides that allow you to camp with your VW Bulli in complete relaxation for a small fee.

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