Bulli mieten VW T3 California Hochdach mieten

Your VW T3 California high top

  • Checks in our own garage
  • Reconditioned engines
  • Annual TÜV and gas test
  • complete camping equipment
  • 250 km per night included
  • 24/7 personal phone support
  • detailed briefing and test drive

47€ - 99€ / Night

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Your #1 mobile home rental to love in Berlin

Rent your VW T3 California high top now.

The original from the eighties. A real classic in the camper scene. Be oldschool on the road and yet with so much comfort that long camper road trips through Europe are no problem. We have only original VW T3 California from Westfalia in original marsall red and pastel white. Our Bullis are always serviced and maintained by our in-house workshop. First...

Your Bulli brings everything with it

  • Original California vehicle equipment
    • Driving light manual
    • 5 gear shift
    • 55 litres diesel
    • Parking Assist: Passenger
    • No Rain Sensor, but Interval Wiping
    • Tyre Pressure Check: at the Petrol Station
    • Hill Start Assist: Hand Brake
    • Cruise Control: Do not change Foot Position
    • No airbags, but three-point belts in front, 1x three-point 1x lap belt in rear
    • Air Conditioning: Windows
    • Multifunction Display: Speedometer and Rev Counter
    • Fatigue Detection: Mindfulness
    • Window Regulator with 2 Cranks
  • Motorhome Equipment
    • Fiamma Awning
    • Swivel Front Seats
    • Indoor Table
    • 4 seats
    • 4 berths
    • Socket with 220V up to 300W for on the road
    • CD radio with new speakers - incl. audio cable e.g. for your smartphone
    • Refrigerator
    • Two Burner Gas Cooker
    • Sink with 50l fresh water tank
    • Parking heater
    • Second Battery
    • Large 16 Litre Gas Tank
  • Kitchen Equipment
    • Bialetti® Espresso Maker
    • 4 knives, fork, large spoon, small spoon
    • 2 chef's knives
    • 1 corkscrew, potato peeler, can opener
    • 2 wooden spoons, 1 ladle
    • 1 spaghetti strainer
    • 2 chopping boards
    • 3 pots and 1 pan
    • 4 cups, plates and bowls
    • 2 egg cups
    • 1 large plastic bowl
    • 4 large and small glasses, 2 wine glasses
  • Camping equipment
    • Ticket to the Moon® Hammock for Two
    • Axe
    • Hand Broom and Doormat
    • Camping table and 2 chairs
    • Portable LED Lantern (dimmable, warm light)
    • Tea Lights and Tea Light Lanterns
    • Camping Power Cable
    • Can for Fresh Water Tank
    • Clothesline and Clothes Pegs
  • Travel guide
  • Optional equipment
    • Bicycle carrier for 2 bicycles
    • Child seat (9-18kg) or booster seat
    • Bedding
    • Chemical toilet
  • What class of driver's license do I need?

    You only need a normal class B driver's license (up to 3.5t).

  • Is there a minimum age or other requirement to drive the Bulli?

    You must have a driver's license for at least one year. If you have not yet reached the age of 23, the deductible increases from 1500 € to 3000 €. However, you can halve the deductible or even reduce it to 0 € by taking out extra insurance during the booking process.

  • How many kilometers can I drive with my Bulli?

    With our VW T3 California models you are allowed to drive 250 kilometers per overnight stay. For our new models such as the VW T6.1 California and the Grand California 600 you have no mileage limit, but we recommend to calculate with about 300 kilometers per night, because at some point the driving is also exhausting and actually you should find a nice place and let your soul dangle - not to mention the fuel consumption.

  • Are there any hidden costs with bullion rental?

    No. With us there are no extra costs. The van is always rented with full equipment - whether for three nights, three weeks or three months camping vacation. There are now a few additional options that you can book, but basically you can just go and do not have to fear any additional costs when returning your camper.

  • How much is the deposit for the VW Camper?

    The deposit is 750 € or 1500 € for tenants without a German passport. This can be deposited at the handover of the vehicle free of charge by credit card or also gladly transferred in advance. We do not accept a deposit in cash.

  • What insurance coverage do I have in the event of an accident?

    You always drive with a comprehensive insurance that covers all damages. If you have caused the damage yourself, there is a deductible of 1500 € or 3000 € if you have not yet reached the age of 23. However, it is possible to reduce this deductible to 0 € with an additional insurance. You will find information about this in the booking process. Should you not be able to make a final decision there, you can also take out the additional insurance directly before departure.

  • Which countries can I go to?

    Comprehensive insurance is valid for the following countries:

    Austria (A), Belgium (B), Bulgaria (BG), Czech Republic (CZ), Germany (D), Denmark (DK), Spain (E), Estonia (EST), France (F), Finland (FIN), United Kingdom (GB), Greece (GR), Hungary (H), Italy (I), Ireland (IRL), Luxembourg (L), Lithuania (LT), Latvia (LV), Malta (M), Norway (N), Netherlands (NL), Portugal (P), Poland (PL), Romania (RO), Sweden (S), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SLO), Switzerland (CH), Albania (AL), Andorra (AND), Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH), Belarus Belarus (BY), Croatia (HR), Moldova (MD), Macedonia (MK), Montenegro (MNE), Serbia (SRB).
    All countries not listed may not be entered.

  • Is it possible to pick up or return a Bulli on the weekend?

    You can pick up your van from Monday to Saturday and drop it off any day of the week - even on Sundays!

Any questions? Just give us a call.
+49 175 9 221 551

But now let's put butter on the bullis

Technical data of the VW T3 California high roof

  • ModelOriginal VW T3 California Westfalia
  • Power69 hp (engine overhauled by Tornau Motoren®)
  • Speedmax. 100 km/h
  • Gearbox5 speed manual gearbox
  • Fuel type / consumption (per 100 km)Diesel / 8-10 litres
  • SteeringPower steering
  • Folding Roofno
  • Air Conditioningno
  • Safety Checksin own workshop, TÜV and gas test annually
  • Vehicle dimensions (LxWxH)4,75 x 2,00 x 2,65 m
  • driving licenceB
  • Beds4
  • Seats4
  • Driving Assistants
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