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What you have to consider before: 

  • when you buy a voucher, you agree with our terms and conditions
  • you will receive your voucher in maximum 24 hours via email – here is an example
  • minimum of 13 night booking in June, July, August and September  – short term booking depends on other bookings
  • deposit payment of 350,- € when picking-up the
  • you can protect yourself from the excess of the insurance here


buy a gift voucher

 If your date is still available, look here.


Your voucher includes the following benefits:

  • an original VW California Camper of Westfalia
  • complete camping equipment – find details here
  • all inclusive – no extra charges for cleaning, navigation system and so on
  • the price includes a fully comprehensive insurance – not only third party liability
  • 250 kilometre included per night – 0,30 € per kilometre if over mileage
  • pick up at 12 a.m. , return at 2 p.m. – or according to prior agreement



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