All the way from South Africa, we have had the best experience! From Berlin to...

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No desire to collect the campervan first, then deliver him back again? Would you prefer your vacation began in the relaxed and easy fashion that it will continue, without any stress? Still undecided on your final destination? What if you have a breakdown? No problem - you just need to pack your things and we'll take care of the rest!

Drop-off and pick-up service for only 29,- €*

We'll deliver your bus directly to your front door. So just pack your bags and GO… even the fridge is already cold. You pay only 29,- € for one way if you life inside the "S-Bahn-Ring"You won't lose any valuable holiday time shuttling from here to there


Navigation system included

To avoid any conflicts about the right way on your journey, we equipped all of our campers with a TomTom "Start 20". Your TomTom will guide you perfectly through whole Europe!



Childseat without extra charges

We also take care about our youngest guests! Thats why we offer you a chilsdeat of "Roemer Eclipse", which is especially constructed for lap belts in the back, for free. And the cover is always freshly cleaned, of course - so your sweetheart can play with his dinner like at home... ;-)



Reduce your excess to 0,- € !!!

Are you a very careful driver who never takes risks? Why should you pay 1000€  in case of damage, when you can protect yourself for only 5€ per day? Here is more information about this and other travel insurance, from an independent supplier.

Accident and breakdown insurance in whole Europe

Your campervan will take you wherever you want to go, with a perfect engine. However, just in case anything should happen, he is fully protected by accident and breakdown cover throughout Europe. So you can have complete peace of mind whilst away, remaining totally chilled...


Is there anything more beautiful than cruising in your Camper to a music festival?! For a current program simply click here - also available outside of Germany.

Travel planning

Still not sure where to go? Undecided about where you'd like to end up?  Whatever dreams you have... a vibrant European city or a rural mountain village; a secluded lake, or the expanse of sea. Whether it's sun and the beach you're after, or the purity of the north; a short trip or extended vacation... we can plan your journey together - based on your ideas and wishes - for no additional fee.






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