Rent a van or motorhome with a dog

Camping in a motorhome with your dog

Dogs are always welcome in our campervans

You want to rent a van or motorhome with a dog because your dog is simply part of the family? In our van rental, a holiday with a dog is no problem. For many dog owners, this is a basic requirement when renting a motorhome. Only a few dog owners would like to leave their own dog in a kennel or with relatives. There is also a lot to experience for dogs and it is not uncommon to only have a lot of time for your loved one on holiday.Rent with Rent a Bulli, your campervan rental, and enjoy your holiday with dog!

Motorhome rental
with dog in Berlin
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On the road with your four-legged friend

With us, nothing stands in the way of renting a motorhome with a dog. Dogs are very welcome in our Bulli rental in Berlin. However, you should make sure that their paws do not damage the upholstery and after the holiday we ask that dog hair is thoroughly removed. Your new tenant should be able to have just as much fun on holiday.

Rent a van / camper with a dog

Many four-legged friends and dog owners understandably don't want to be separated on holiday and would suffer greatly if they were. You can only really get into the holiday spirit when you can rent a van or camper with a dog. That's exactly why we offer camper van rental with dog. However, our vans only have standard equipment and no special dog equipment or dog box. You have to take care of the safety yourself and take the necessary or sensible accessories with you: Transport box or transport basket, harness or collar, leash or tow line, food and water bowl, sufficient food, sufficient water, poop bag, toys.

With caravan and dog on the campsite

Before you book a campsite, you should find out to what extent dogs are allowed and whether there are any restrictions. Of course, the family dog is included, but there are campsites that do not tolerate dogs. However, there is nothing better than romping around the dog stand with your dog or going for a long walk. If you are in the process of planning your holiday and would like to take your four-legged friend with you, take a look at the website Dog-friendly campsites. It lists campsites and tent sites for campers with dogs all over Germany.

Holidays with dog and van outside Germany

Within the EU, the regulations for taking dogs on holiday have been simplified. Identification with a clearly legible tattoo or microchip is mandatory. A valid rabies vaccination and a pet passport are also mandatory. Please inform yourself in detail about the regulations and obligations when going on holiday within the European Union. For our part, nothing stands in the way of a holiday with a Bulli and a dog. On the website of the German Animal Welfare Association (Tierschutzbund) there is a current article on the subject of holidays with pets within the EU. There you can find out directly about the regulations in various countries.

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