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Travelling with a VW Bus has always been more than just going on a camping holiday. No matter whether it's the first version T1, or the latest generation, the T6.1. Travelling in a Bulli means enjoying a lifestyle of freedom. Almost unlimited mobility, where the absolute goal is not speed but the experience of the journey.

We focus on original California Bullis with Westfalia equipment from the T3 series, which offer maximum space and comfort, but also nostalgia, as well as the VW T6.1 California Ocean and T6.1 California Coast, which represent the current version of this generation vehicle.

And to round off our VW camper van repertoire, we also offer the VW camper van of the extra class - the VW Grand California 600. Here you are on the road even in the most remote places feudally with interior shower and toilet. The VW Grand California 600 has the little extras that many vehicles in this motorhome class lack - take a look!

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Your Rent A Bulli advantages

Your Rent A Bulli advantages

Once to the next lake? Or around the world in our camper? We are at your side, no matter where you go. Start your adventure - we'll make sure you can enjoy your trip without any worries. And should there really be any problems: we'll solve them!

Personal 24/7

What was the button for again? Red?! In any case, don't press it - or do you?! And that click when the fridge goes on - is that supposed to be like that? Call us! No matter when, no matter why. We'll be happy to help you with all aspects of your Rent a Bulli motorhome.

Complete equipment without extra costs

Du willst leckeren Kaffee, das Essen soll schmecken wie zu Hause? Kerzen? Geschirr? Hängematte? Tisch? Stühle? Du bekommst von uns alles, was Du für Deinen Campingurlaub mit dem Wohnmobil brauchst. Für alles andere haben wir Packlisten vorbereitet.

Detailed instruction and test drive

Fancy an adventure, but afraid of cars? We'll take that away! During a personal handover with a test drive and iPad, we'll explain everything to you at your leisure. And to make sure you don't forget anything, we'll give you the most important information in our easy-to-understand manual.

Adventure guarantee with our camper

When you travel with our van, the adventure guarantee is included. Whether you're driving to the next lake or to the last bratwurst before America: there's always something out there for you to experience. If you like, we will gladly take the time to inspire you for routes and spots. See you down the road! See you down the road!

Checks in our own garage

You feel better when we check every camper before departure? We know you do! And that's why we do it too. In our own workshop! Our mechanic Frank speaks "Bulli" and knows beforehand if the bus is missing something. Because safety first!

Owner-managed motorhome rental

You don't want the organised irresponsibility of big rental companies? Then you've come to the right place. You always speak directly with us and our absolute goal is that you not only come with a good feeling, but also leave again.

Extensive vehicle fleet

You want to rent a VW T3 Bulli? We do! Would you like a VW T6 Ocean or VW Grand California?! We have them too! We will be happy to advise you on the right vehicle for you. Our fleet of vehicles includes everything from retreats to luxury trips.

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Inspiration from our Van Life magazine

On the road to find a quiet spot somewhere in the middle of nowhere with your VW camper van to take some time out. On the road, to experience small and large adventures together every day. On the road, to come home to your cosy room on four wheels - your campervan. On the road, to take a camping holiday with little luggage, focusing on the journey and not on the destination. A camper - road trip with your VW Bus can fulfil many things... We want to share these moments with you - our magazine gives you an insight, because the best should never be behind us, but always ahead of us.

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